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Why do you need Roof Cleaning Services?

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If the roof stays for long without getting cleaned, mold, green and black algae as well as fungi can start growing on it. If not eliminated, fungi can have an especially detrimental effect on the roof unlike algae. This is because it does not rely on photosynthesis to manufacture its own food. This implies that it will be feasting on organic materials that are available in the roofing material, for instance tar and asphalt shingles.

You need to be concerned about the effect that is going to be caused by fungi and algae residing on your roof. If you don’t clean your roof to eliminate them, the roof is going to deteriorate much more quickly. As the granules in the shingles are broken down, the roof will become even more susceptible to damage from the weather as well as the UV rays from the sun. From an aesthetic perspective, accumulation of fungi and algae on your roof is going to significantly diminish the value of your home.

Why do you need Roof Cleaning Services

Roof cleaning services will help you get rid of the mold, algae and fungi and restore the appearance of your roof. As a result, the life of your roofing materials will be extended. The risk of damage will be higher if your roofing materials have been made using fiberglass shingles. This is because fiberglass shingles have limestone that subsequently attracts bacteria and causes your roof to have black streaks.

The good news is that there are a lot of companies that offer roof cleaning services that will help you remove unattractive fungi as well as algae at a fraction of the cost you would have used to obtain a new roof. If you let mold, algae, and fungi grow on your roof, it will start showing signs of damage after only a few years. You need to start observing proper maintenance of the roof when it is still in good condition to avoid the damage from being too advanced.

The good thing about many companies that offer roof cleaning services is that they offer a full service solution that involves cleaning the exterior of your home as well as the surrounding features of your home which include sheds, decks and driveways. Make sure that you choose a company that offers cleaning solutions that will not cause environmental concerns. Pressure washing will be an effective roof cleaning solution. You can also utilize the services of HireContractor.com to find a number of companies in your city that provides exceptional cleaning at an affordable rate and pick the best one.

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What type of insurance do you need for Cleaning business?

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You are running a cleaning business and are very successful at it. But are you aware of the liabilities and risks involved in not having the minimum insurance required for your business? Your business could be shutdown and you could be in help accountable for the losses claimed by your clients.

1. General Liability insurance: This could be for $1million per occurrence to $2-4 million for aggregate with a premise damage, medical riders, personal injury riders.

2. Auto Liability insurance for any of your hired or non-owned autos or owned autos.

3. Umbrella Insurance to cover any other incidents

4. Workers Compensation for your staff

5. Professional liability insurance.

Not only Commercial cleaning contracts but also house cleaning clients ask for liability insurance and prefer to hire cleaning services with proper coverage.

Either you are in home cleaning or office cleaning, understand your liabilities and ensure that you have enough coverage.

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Reasons for Hiring Insured House Cleaning Services

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Whether managing a home or a business, finding a good cleaning service provider and keeping them is a daunting task to say the least. Finding one that is insured is an even greater challenge. Different cleaning services usually offer different types of services that is why is it important that when deciding one should make sure that the services being offered satisfy their particular needs and preferences.

Hiring a cleaning service is a big step which comes with a lot of considerations. One vital element that should be a major priority is trust. Ask yourself? Is this service provider trustworthy or not? The main reason why most people opt for an insured house cleaning services is due to their ability to save on valuable time. This has led to these services being branded more of a necessity rather than a luxury in most households.

When deciding on a service provider, there are certain factors that are considered before hiring one. However, the most important factor is that they should be insured. Most of the service providers might claim they are insured from their ads but it is vital to verify all this claims before hiring one. On the other hand, it is important to note that bonds and insurances are two different things. A bond protects a home owner from criminal or dishonest acts that are done by people who come to their home to clean it whereas insurance protects the owner if the service provider causes an accident in their home such as leaving the water heater on.

So why hire an insured house cleaning service?

Even for the most careful cleaners, accidents may happen. Some accidents are the faults of the home owner who may fail to warn the cleaner of harmful components in the house such as a picture that is hanging by a thread on the wall which on the slightest of touch can fall on someone etc. homeowners have a mandate to forewarn such kind of perils to avoid any injury.

Other accidents are the fault of the cleaner which usually leads to the home owner terminating their services even if the cleaner offers to pay for the damages incurred. A properly insured cleaner’s contract will have a provision called care, control and custody and although the insurance may come with a substantial expense, this contract portrays the cleaner as responsible and even when hired the homeowner will have peace of mind and even be willing to pay more for services rendered.

Household damage can be disadvantageous to homeowners. But injury to a person is far more serious and costly. Anything can happen to the cleaner including slipping on the floor and falling causing major injuries. If this happens, the homeowner might be stupefied by the increased premium on their homeowner’s policy when a person is injured in their home and later put up claims against their insurance company for injuries sustained. This is the major reason why you should verify that the cleaner is properly insured.

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