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How to Advertise Janitorial or Office Cleaning Services Online and Get Customers

Television advertising is oftentimes prohibitively expensive for janitorial or office cleaning companies. Radio and magazine advertising are less expensive, but they still require a sizable investment as part of an ongoing campaign. Even though you might end up spending a lot of money on online advertising, you have better chances of reaching your target market and increase your popularity as a reliable janitorial or office cleaning company. There are a few methods to advertise your service on the Internet, which might be more or less expensive on your part.

Create Advertising Campaigns on Social Networks
Since most people are accessing social networks from a wide range of devices every day, creating an advertising campaign will allow you to inform them about your company and the services you provide, as well as deals, pricing and other information. Advertising campaigns on social networks are usually very efficient if you build them accurately, making sure to provide proper details and engage your audience in conversations or activities. Before paying for television or newspaper advertising, be sure to build an advertising campaign on your Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest profiles first.

Exchange Banners or Links with Other Companies or Websites
Another valuable example of advertising method is banner or link exchange with other companies or websites, preferably in the same niche as yours, to prevent penalizations from search engines’ ranking algorithms. By allowing a website or company to advertise on your website, you will be consequently allowed to advertise on theirs. To make sure that your janitorial or office cleaning services are properly advertised, opt for a website with a good ranking and overall popularity among customers.

Pay for Online Ads
Instead of exchanging banners or links, you can choose to pay for them. This strategy works only if the company or website in question accepts, as there are many websites with a valuable ranking that do not permit others to advertise there. Contact the owner of the website first – usually, most websites that accept advertising campaigns will have a special link published, so you can easily see it. 

Classified Ads
One option is to post on classified ad sites like Craigslist or backpage, which can also help you get indexed and display your listing in the queue by date. Your listing may scroll off after a day or two depending on the number of postings.

Register on Local Listing Websites
Local listing websites, such as  contribute to increasing awareness and visibility within search engine results queue. Fortunately, registration is free and you can easily complete the listing with accurate information where you can include keywords, to ensure that people looking for janitorial or office cleaning services will find you.

Why And When You Need Vent Cleaning or Air Duct Cleaning

Vent cleaning is one of the most important home maintenance routines  because it is not only expensive to replace an HVAC system when it breaks but it is also good for health. Your house will also be very uncomfortable when the HVAC stops working. Vent cleaning is vital to keeping your HVAC system operating efficiently. When you clean other areas of the unit such as the cooling coils, heat exchangers, fans and drain pans, the debris and allergens coming out from them can accumulate in the air ducts which will be released into your home if you do not clean them.

Air duct cleaning should be performed every time the heating or cooling system is repaired or replaced. For the HVAC system to work efficiently, you need to do clean it once every three to five years depending on the condition of your home and the HVAC system that you are using. If you have a unit that is quite old, it is likely to accumulate more dirt, mold over time due to many openings. There are many benefits that you will achieve by having the vents or air-duct of your HVAC system cleaned.

The first benefit of vent cleaning is cost effectiveness. Since you will only need to do it about once every three to five years, you will benefit over time as compared to doing expensive repairs when the HVAC system breaks down. Also, when the air ducts of the system are clean, it will be easy for the air to move freely through the ventilation, and as a result the system will not strain so much. This will in turn save you the operating costs.

Air duct cleaning is also going to help your unit last longer. When dirt or mold accumulates in the system, it makes the fans work harder and that may raise the chances of it breaking the system. HVAC replacement parts are becoming quite expensive and therefore it is imperative that you maintain it properly to avoid frequent repairs or even a situation whereby you may need to replace the whole unit when it has not aged that much. When the HVAC system is properly maintained, the quality of air inside your house will be cleaner, crisper as well as easier to breathe.

If you don’t remove the dust, mold as well as mildew that accumulates in the vent systems, your home will start having a stale and musty odor. Air duct cleaning will make sure that these odors are eliminated. The air cleaning service usually uses a disinfectant or deodorant to make sure that the odor stays away after the HVAC unit after it has been cleaned.

Why You Need Roof Cleaning

Many homeowners make the mistake of thinking that they do not need their roofs cleaned. Roof cleaning is an important part of maintaining a healthy home and household. From a financial standpoint, regular roof cleaning can save you a lot of money when it comes unnecessary roof repairs and replacements. From a visual perspective, it simply makes your house look neater and brighter. Here is why you need Roof cleaning :

1. It is very cost effective.
There are certain roof cleaning techniques such as the ‘soft roof wash’, that can actually prolong the life of your roof. Roof damage comes from a great deal of factors: weather elements, rust, debris and pooled puddles of muddy water. Leaving this on top of your roof only goes to sabotage its shelf-life. Having your roof cleaned regularly can and does save you money when it comes to unnecessarily frequent roof repairs.

2. Improves your health
When lichens, roof algae and moss damage your shingles, they can cause extensive wood rot by getting into the roof deck. This wood rotting will eventually let in moisture, which will encourage mold growth. Once this happens, your family’s health is put at risk.

3. It doesn’t compromise your insurance coverage
By their very nature, insurance companies are risk averse. That may sound contradictory to most people, but it is true. Many insurance companies demand that a home owner clean their roof of any stains, and damaging debris or run the risk of losing their coverage. This is because insurance companies know for a fact that dirty or stained roofs often compromise the integrity of the whole roof. This is not only risky when it comes to the whole housing structure, but it is also not favorable to the health of the people living under that roof.

4. Keeps your cooling costs down
If your roof is covered with moss or algae, it cannot effectively reflect the sunlight. This means that your shingles absorb more heat than they should and in turn heat up your attic to unfavorable levels. This will only go to increasing your cooling bill.
Roof stains and other unwanted organisms on your dirty roof are not only an eye sore to you and your neighbors, they are also costly, compromise your health and could eventually lead to deteriorating housing structure. This can all be avoided by simply getting your roof cleaned regularly. The incurred costs are very minimal compared to the cost associated with pre-maturely re-roofing your home as well putting your family’s health at risk.