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Tips For Cleaning Gutters And Downspouts

Cleaning gutters & downspouts is essential for any house. Gutters and downspouts of your home need proper maintenance to help prevent them causing damage to your home’s interior, as clogged gutters and downspouts may cause flooding in the walls and leaks in ceilings. You should clean and check gutters & downspouts for signs of repair at least twice in a year, and the best time to do is in late fall and in late spring. However, if you reside in a rainy climate or if there is some problem, then you have to check them more frequently.

Tools and Materials Needed
Gutters Cleaning

You may need:

  •  Ladder
  •  Leaf scooper
  • Work gloves
  •  Plastic bucket with wire handle or plastic trash bag.


Step 1 – Starting Spot

Gather your tools at the starting spot. The corners of your house are good for starting since the downspouts are located here. It is good for you to start from near the downspout and move away from it, so that you can avoid pushing the dry leaves and other debris into the downspout. Set the ladder and secure the plastic bucket or bag with an s-hook to the ladder. A trash bag helps to minimize clean-up later. Put on your work gloves, as they will protect your hands and also keep your hands clean.

Step 2 – Remove Large Debris

Start from the downspout and use a trowel or spade to gather debris and put it in the trash bag or bucket. Remove any resistant trash using your hand. If the debris is to be put in your compost pile, then use a separate trash bag for metal objects like roofing nails.

Cleaning Gutters And DownspoutsStep 3 – Rinse the Gutter

Once all the larger debris has been removed, use the garden hose to rinse the gutter. Spray water towards the downspout and spray until all the debris is cleared.

Step 4 – Clear Clogs In the Downspout

When the downspout is clogged, clean it by spraying water from the hose into the downspout. You can either spray water from the bottom end or from the top end of the downspout to remove the clog. If the clog is not removed, then use a plumber’s snake. This will loosen the debris and draw it out.

Step 4 – Find Damage

Look into the gutters and downspouts for any damage like dents, cracks or holes. If there is a damage, repair them soon.

Step 5 – Dispose the Debris

Dispose the debris; either place it in trash or in compost pile.

Step 6 – Install Guards

There are several accessories available in the market, which may effectively lessen the time needed for cleaning gutters & downspouts. There are also protectors and guards available and they deflect dry leaves and larger debris away from the gutters. If you want to use them, be sure to instal a model that can be easily removed for your cleaning chores.

Gutters and downspouts work hard to protect your house from moisture damage, so it is important for you to put in some time and effort for cleaning gutters & downspouts.

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